Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Izzy Update ~ 14 months

Israel is 14 months now and we are really starting to see his little personality shine though. He has learned how to glare at people...and he does it ALL the time to anyone he doesn't know, or if he is upset! I think it's hysterical! But I tell him he is being rude and needs to be a happy boy :-)

We have movement! It's slow and small...but we have learned to celebrate even the smallest of victories. Israel can now turn himself around in a circle while sitting on the floor. He can also scootch himself backwards while sitting...very slowly but it's something. I think he is finally starting to see the value in movement. In all the times past he hasn't cared at all about moving. Even if he is sitting on the floor with no toys, he never seemed to mind much. He would just hang out. He reminds me SO much of Jaxon. Very laid back and easy going and does things only when necessary :-) Jaxon didn't crawl until he was a year old and didn't walk until he was 17 months old...and he was fully capable if he wanted to! He just simply didn't care. Israel is making small "steps" (no pun intended) toward becoming mobile. He will get there...but not until he is good and ready.

Another bit of news, Israel decided he is a big boy now and has no need for a bottle! This was TOTALLY his own doing. We have never tried to get him off the bottle, and about a week ago he just up and decided that he didn't want a bottle anymore, but a sippy cup instead. Wow...talk about an angel baby! With Rachel and Jaxon we had to take the bottle away and suffer a few cranky days for it! But not Izzy :-) He likes sippy cups with no valves (stoppers) or straws. It's pretty cute to see him growing and changing so much lately. Seems like it's happening all to fast though!

And...more teeth! He now has 3 teeth really in, 1 that just broke through, and 2 more that are super swollen! I remember this happened with the other two kids too...it seemed like all of the sudden they went from being toothless to getting them in all at once! Poor guy though has been a bit crabby from it though. Although I can't blame him...it has to hurt!

Well, there's just a little update on Izzy. I decided not to do the monthly updates anymore since he is one now...but it just seemed like he has been changing so much that I had to make another post to share it all.


littlecbsmom said...

LOVE the glare and I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of that one;)

I'm glad he is moving around, he will be on the go before you know it!

rosebark said...

Perhaps you can write every other month then??? :)
Photos of your kids are wonderful.

Karlene said...

The picture is priceless. That's worthy of a scrapbook page. So sweet!