Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In addition to having Israel's tongue surgery we had something else done as well, very last minute. On the end of each limb he has what we refer to as "nubbins". Basically they would have eventually turned into fingers and toes, had he developed properly in the womb. However because something stopped his growth they stopped too. They are pointless and useless. They have no bones in them and serve no purpose or function.

(Here is an example of his left arm)

I have always worried about them getting caught on something and ripping. I have also worried that they would eventually get in his way and could possibly cause pain with his prosthesis. So, we asked our plastic surgeon if she would mind just removing all of them while she was at it and he was under aways. She was wonderful and agreed. We had them removed off of all four limbs. His right side ones were smaller and the left side ones were quite a bit bigger. He had to get stitches in them, and even a soft cast on his right arm, because he sucks on it and the stitches would have dissolved to quickly. Israel is recovering well from them and doesn't seem to mind the change. He is using his arms and legs just the same. I am so glad we decided to get this done...just one less thing to think about along this journey :-)


littlecbsmom said...

What a blessing that the doctor did that for you at the same time! I'm glad he doesn't know the difference!

Debi said...

From a sister in the Lord at GFA: Israel is truly one of the most beautiful (you can say that at this age) little boys I have ever set my eyes on. And I'm sure he's even more adorable in person! God obviously has big plans for this precious one, and He knew you would be the perfect parents to raise him through this journey. Praying for you as the Lord brings you to my heart....I love you all even though I have never met you!

llandtmom said...

That little man of yours is the cutest thing on the planet. Man he is just to die for.