Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 Months Old

Hey Israel...You're 5 months old!

What are you up to these days?

You are amazing! You have grown so much this past month and are doing so many new things!

*Size 3-6 month clothes are finally starting to fit you! Hooray for new clothes to wear!

*You are still on the smallest size of your cloth diaper settings, however if you wear disposable ones...you are still fitting comfortably into a size one.

*You weigh just a touch over 11 pounds...which isn't even on the growth chart at all for your age...tiny baby you are!

*You smile ALL the time and are starting to laugh a lot more now too! It's so much fun and brings joy to our hearts!

*You coo and babble a lot now...especially to your toys! It's precious! And you often say "Ah da da da da da" I recorded it on my phone one day and sent it to Daddy...it pretty much made his day!

*You have been sleeping in your own room in your big boy crib for a month now and it is still going wonderfully...although sometimes Mommy misses you.

*You started eating cereal...and you LOVE it! We just give it to you once a day in the evenings.

*We are so blessed that you are still an awesome sleeper! You go 10-12 hours at night and take about 3 naps that range from 1-3 hours each. You love to sleep on your tummy now and love it! You are so funny about your sleep though...you can be absolutely exhausted and ready to crash...but unless you are on your tummy with your binkie, you are not going to give in, no matter what!

*And finally you don't think being on your tummy for play time is to bad...thank you Jesus! You still prefer being on your back or in your bouncy chair for play time though. You are so smart and can moved your toys around with your legs and arms, and even get some items to your mouth!

*You have taken a real liking to the swimming pool! You sit in your little water floaty thing and just love kicking your legs around and relaxing in the pool. However we have discovered that you have such sensitive skin that every time you go in the pool you break out in a rash. We are trying new things to try and resolve this issue, however the good thing is, the rash doesn't seem to bother you!

*Being in your sling is one of your favorite places to be :-) Which makes Mommy's heart smile!

*You have also started enjoying spending time in your excersaucer, highchair and bumbo. You're getting so big!

*You're brother and sister are your best friends! They entertain you all the time and are always wanting to do everything with and for you. It's pretty cute!

*You continue to have such a sweet and peaceful spirit that it is noticed by friends and complete strangers alike. We hear comments all the time about how calm, peaceful and sweet you are.

*You rolled over for the first time, just yesterday! From your tummy to your back! Yeah for you!

You continue to amaze us every day and some how we manage to love you more than the day before...however that is possible I don't know! We are so proud of you and everything you are doing! You are precious!


Jenna said...

Look at that big, beautiful boy!! The sparkle in his eyes,a nd amazing smile, melt my heart!

Melanie said...

He is SOOOOOOOO cute! I miss him so much! What a big boy he's becoming...eating cereal, rolling over, playing in his exersaucer...I really need to see him more often :) I love him so much.

Loving Purgatory said...

Look at all that curly hair!!! So sweet! Thanks for posting this Becca.

Ann Wunsch said...

Those eyes are mesmerizing! What a depth of blue!