Wednesday, June 17, 2009

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N here we come!!!

Hooray!!! Finally a vacation! We are so excited to finally take a vacation! We are heading to Sunny California to visit family and enjoy the beach and even go to Sea World! We are planning to drive straight through the night so the kiddos can all sleep and so we can have extra time to spend with our family in CA. Jon's parents were supposed to be going with us on this trip, however due to health problems they won't be able to make it. We are all very sad and will miss having them along. However we totally understand their reasons for not coming. There are always more opportunities for vacations...but never another Nana. (Take care of yourself Mom and Get Better soon!!!) We have never taken Israel on any type of vacation...and Rachel and Jaxon have never been out of the state (Unless you count going to WA which is only an hour The kids are beyond pumped and have been counting down the days for weeks now! My dear friend offered to take Rachel and Jaxon Tuesday and have them spend the night and keep them through Wednesday until we leave so Jon and I have a good opportunity to get things all packed and ready. What a blessing! Anywho...we are off to enjoy a break from "real life" and spend some wonderful quality time with Jon's brother, his wife and our beautiful niece Amanda :-) "See" you all when we get back!

(PS I have a blog post dated for 6/18 because that's when Izzy turns 3 months old...and you know I have to have a 3 month old update blog. So don't think I'm crazy and have to blog when I'm was done before we even left!)

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Bree said...

Have fun!!! can't wait to see pictures! Let me know if the drive through the night works well- We are leaving next week for Disney! :)