Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time for an update...'s been two weeks since I last posted a blog...yikes! That flew by! I can't believe Israel is 4 weeks old all ready! WOW! He continues to be a wonderful baby bringing even more love and joy to our lives then we could imagine. He is becoming much more alert and aware of whats going on around him. He turns his head when he hears a familiar voice and tracks anything that moves past him. He knows his mommy and daddy and finds great comfort in them when he cries. Rachel and Jaxon continue to enjoy him, however the newness has worn off and they don't "smother" him as much as before...which is nice :-) Easter was lovely and a great excuse for some here is what we got out of my first attempt to photograph all three kids (It's a lot of work!)


Angela said...

So cute, Becca!
What a beautiful brood you have. Israel is so adorable and looks like he just fits in so well.
How's it going from 2 to 3?
It's an adjustment, huh?
I always said it felt like triage. Whoever had the most vital need I attended to first. I would get so frustrated at first when all 3 would need me at the same time!
It is an adjustment but pretty soon, it's so normal.

Just happy crazy chaos! Thats' when my hubby and i just laugh. We have to have a sense of humor through it all!
Keep up the good work!
Looks like Easter was a blast. :)

Angela Watts said...

Adorable children! They do so good at tilting their heads and smiling! They must be in front of the camera alot! :)

writing4612 said...

Such a beautiful family!