Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're home and in love!

Awe...home sweet home...with our Israel sweet Israel. Israel passed all of his tests Friday with flying colors...just as we expected he would, Thank You Jesus!!! Everyone was so impressed with him and just continued to tell us how well he was doing and how strong he was. It's so wonderful to watch as doctors stand amazed at what can only be explained as the miracle of God.

We got home in the early evening on Friday and got our things settled and put away and enjoyed a wonderful night at the peace, quiet and comfort of our own bed! Israel had an amazing night! He loves to sleep. We had to set our alarm to wake up every three hours to feed him. My milk is being slow to come in so I am nursing, pumping, then supplement feeding him...just until I have enough milk of my own to satisfy him. He enjoys eating quite a bit! :-) I am sure it won't be long before he plumps up just as my other babies did. He is so perfect and amazing and we are SO in love with this precious little one God gave us!

Our other two children come home crazy town will be back up and running then! Lol! I am trying to enjoy these last new hours of quiet and silence before they return. Don't get my wrong, I love them dearly and of course are very excited for them to be home...I just know my life is about to get crazy! But hey...I do crazy pretty well!

Here are a few more pictures for you to "ohh and awe" over :-)
He loves the binkie!

First bottle...Daddy is such a pro!

All ready to go home!

Lovie time with Daddy.


Svetlana said...

Great pictures, we are glad you are home with him ;-)

Shawn Iblings said...

YOu don't know me, but I go to church with Melanie and we are at the same MOPS table. I just want you to know how exciting it is to see the tangible results of prayer. What an amazing and special baby he is. God is so good to give that child into your loving family. It is going to be so neat in the years to come to see what other awesome things God will do in that child's life. Thank you for your faithfullness in your response to the challenges God brought into your life. I pray you will all be blessed because of little Isreal David.

Shawn Iblings

PS - He is absolutly adorable!!!!

Jenna said...

What a beautiful baby! Glad all is well and how wonderful is a great sleeper!

Erica said...

He is just precious. Sweet pics. Just amazing what God has done. Praying for all of you, his hair is AMAZING!

Jesse, Shari , and Hank said...

i am so happy for you guys, you made it home! what a wonderful and exciting time :)
remember Becca to let others do things for you, get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids! :)
(this is just one of the many bouts of advice you will get in the next few months, haha!)