Thursday, November 18, 2010

Giving Back - A Fundraiser for Shriner's

In my earlier post about Izzy's being on the Shriner's Christmas Card, I got a big response from people asking if they could buy them to send out this season. I contacted Shriner's about this and here's what I found out. They don't sell the cards, they are used as the hospitals card to send out to people who have made donations and such things. However, I asked if I could have permission to "sell" them and donate all the proceeds to Shriner's. They said YES! :-) I am SO excited!

A little "behind the scenes" story about Shriner's...from my heart. Without this place, I truly don't know where we would be! They had been such a gift since the beginning. The are a 100% FREE hospital for children who are as special as Izzy :-) The people who work here are precious. They LOVE these children and they LOVE what they do. They become family. Jon and I often joke about how we would live at Shriner's if we could :-) They are SO giving and generous. Shriner's is the ONE place we can go, other then home, and feel totally normal, loved and accepted. And they never ask for anything in return! I have never paid a dime for anything from them! Amazing! They are such a blessing

So if you are interested in sending out these precious cards this season and in return making a donation to Shriner's, just let me know! (Comment to this post or email me at )

Here is what the card will look like.


(Inside top)
On the cover
Israel “Izzy” packs the essentials for his visit to the recently expanded and remodeled Shriners Hospitals for Children® in Portland, Oregon. There he will find beautiful new patient rooms, a fantastic orthotics and prosthetics shop, day lounges, new waiting and activity areas and so much more. Izzy and his family have been part of the Shriners Hospitals for Children® family since he was just a few months old. Born without hands and feet, Izzy has shown everyone just what a miracle he is by taking his first steps and holding small objects, along with many other milestones this past year. Izzy is an amazing example of the nearly 9,000 children who received care at Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Portland this year. For Izzy, and 50,000 other children over nearly 90 years, the sky is no limit!

Special thanks and photo credit to Angela Watts, TekoaRose Photography in Salem, Oregon.

(Inside Bottom)Celebrate the miracles in your life this Holiday Season. From our family to yours, may the joy, wonder and hope be with you throughout the year.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well as it turns out, I'm not the only one who thinks Israel is PERFECT! :-) Shriner's fell in love with him so much he gets to be the face on their Christmas card this year!!! I was beyond excited to hear this news! I actually cried...and cried again. I mean, I know he is wonderful and amazing and beautiful and perfect, but to have someone else acknowledge it in such a public just blessed my socks off! I got the card proof sent to me today and sat at my desk with tears running down my face trying to read it. I am going to make you guys wait though...until it's actually here! They are using this picture that we had taken for his 18 month pictures, courtesy of Angela Watts @ TekoaRose Photography. She does amazing work as you can clearly see!