Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change is in the Air

This blog post doesn't come lightly or easily...but after nearly 5 years of blogging...I have decided to switch over to a Facebook account for Israel.

The truth is:
I LOVE BLOGGING! I have loved having a digital journal, a place to share my thoughts, my feeling...our life! I have loved connecting with people all over the world! Sharing our story of hope and faith. Watching how God has taken my simple words to bless others. How He has used my amazing little boy to be a world changer.

But the other truth is:
I just don't have time to blog anymore! It is quite time consuming and I spend way more time then I probably should making sure every post is perfect. And it's because of that, that I don't post more these days. Life is crazy busy and sitting down for a few hours to blog just isn't going to happen.

By using a Facebook page I can add little (or big if I want) posts as time allows...share current goings on in our life...share pictures and more, all from my phone! Which is perfect for this busy mama!

My blog will remain here, for those that find it along the way, or want to reread posts, look through pics etc. And who knows, maybe I will even add a new post now and then (Don't hold your breath for that though...lol).

Thank you to all of you who have so faithfully loved and supported us along the way. Your devotion to "The Journey of Israel" has meant more then you could ever know.

If you want to follow us on Facebook...you can find us HERE


Unknown said...

Glad to still have a way to keep up! Love you and your family!

Unknown said...

Not sure if my other comment went through..but I was saying I love you and your family and am glad we all will still have a way to follow the wonderful life of Izzy

Sharon K said...

Since I don't do facebook, I will miss the updates about your family, but I applaud you for knowing what is too much for you and for taking measures to stay balanced.